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Oh that new beginning feeling

It’s that time of year! Pretty soon spring will be upon us. Oh that new beginning feeling. And then you look at your closet, garage or any place where you’ve been looking at the same ole stuff for so long you don’t even see it anymore. Time for a change and perhaps give someone else that new beginning feeling. Maybe it’s time to clean out things that you don’t use, but someone else can. Consider donating to the local Hospice Chapter Store or how about Habitat for Humanity or the local Women’s Shelter. Some ideas that these organizations could use…cell phones…do you have a few extras in a drawer that you don’t use? How about donating them to the Women’s Shelter? Gently worn clothing is always welcome for people trying to get back on their feet. De-clutter and put it to good use! This is also good if you’re planning to put your house on the market. Clutter does not sell! You’re not going to move it anyways, so box it up and put it to good use.